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SomaSoundSystem installs only the highest quality sound equipment:  JBL, Crown, QSC,  Allen and Heath, ProTools, Logic Pro, MOTU, Waves, AKG, Shure, Audix, Octava.


Fully modular JBL PRX (passive series) front of house speakers powered by A/B class Crown amplifiers. SomaSoundsystem are specialists in surround sound installs. Quadraphonic and surround sound 5.1 up to 8.2 available.

Mixed on British designed Allen and Heath consoles, utilizing a hybrid split console technique combining the best worlds from analog and digital mixing on ProTools or Logic Pro via MOTU AD/DA convertors,  using API, SSL, Lexicon (Waves) FX and processors and dynamics

Sound system calibration with DBX crossovers, limiters, graphics,  EQs, all digitally controlled via software.

Audio engineers say sound quality must start at the source, so this his is why we use the best quality mics AKG, Audix, Octava, Sennheiser, Shure.




Ensuring the best audio experience is not just a matter of setting up and plugging in the best equipment.

Our crew are all schooled audio engineers with practical experience. Our front of house mix engineer is a honors graduate in Audio Engineering , with 20 + years experience in studio and live sound  with well-gained reputation for mix engineering and audio production in the studio. Attention to detail, clarity of mix, skill and experience do not come with all production event services. However SomaSoundSystem offers you this unique possibility.

Experience in acoustic treatment of space and often improvising with the environment to create the best acoustics are also aspects our audio engineers are trained in and will take care of.  Guaranteeing to deliver the best possible sonic experience.

We can also offer stereo or multi-track 16, 24, or 32-track live recordings of your event. Either as a final recording or as tracking session to be mixed at a later date.


As the lighting and visual environment is such an important and diverse element of the production we can offer free consultation to meet your production criteria, to really provide that 'WOW" factor you desire for that budget you can afford.

Often we incorporate stage lighting and ambient lighting with state of the art DMX controlled lighting, lasers, hasers and video projections.

We employ a wide range of VJs (Video projection artists), offering a dynamic spectrum from either mind blowing psychedelic visual art at festivals to company logo and branded animated projections for more corporate oriented events. The creativity is endless with our lighting team's skill, imagination and equipment.

People have the perception that lighting installations require huge budgets, and often without careful improvisation they often do. We have also mastered the art of working within limitations, improvising and making less look like more to suit any budget.


Interested in hiring us for one of your special events? Lets Talk.​

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